20120825 + Fisherman

20120825 + D and a couple of his buddies were up all night, SMART....  J&I headed to Woodside Green Park to help set up for the Cub Scout Poles and Bowls fishing and ice cream event.. Then on to D's game.
D had to be at his game @ 9am and he was dragging, he fell down on the field, tripped over the chalk line at 3rd base...  This is the first of D's games I have gotten to see, they lost :-(
After the game J&I ran to the Pole and Bowls event and J caught a bunch of fish while I tried to make chocolate ice cream.  The ice cream got partially done and we all had a nice snack.  Then J&I went to Lena's 3rd bday party and shared our left over ice cream.  Home and D had collapsed from exhaustion (that will teach him :-)  L headed out for dinner with her friends and JG&I headed to Cici's for dinner and then the movie Brave.  We stopped on the way home to get some food for D as L blew up the microwave making popcorn for D's party :-s  Home, the boys ate and then off to bed.  L home not too late.