20120810 - Leg 1 of Big Water Adventure

20120810 - Up in the am and got what work I needed to get done completed.  Then D and I headed to Meijer to get stuff, like 20 pounds of junk food...  Grabbed some lunch and then headed into WV, deep into mo mans land to ACE Adventure Resort.  It was a neat place and our campsite was WAY up on top of a small mountain.  We found our spot and got our camp site all set up.  D was showing me how they wrapped up and slept in their hammocks at summer camp.
With things now all set up we got our swimming suits on and headed down to try out the 'Wipe Out' course.  It was amazingly hard...  the obstacles were so slippery that you just couldn't hold on.  It was fun though and we had a great time climbing and sliding all over the place.  Back to the camp and we changed and headed to the cantina to get some dinner.  Sufficiently full we went back to the campsite and attempted to have a fire, but it was a bit damp and we created more smoke than fire.

 It was a good time anyway, we chatted, ate some junk food and bonded :-)  Off to bed in anticipation of our big day tomorrow :-s

PS - Happy 64th Bday GpaW!