20130316 - Speed Trap

20130316 - Up in the am and straight to the race track. They were running 30 minutes behind... Imagine that... Nonetheless we had our races and the boys had a great time. J's car did good, but we can't seem to find the winning combination... :-s From there J went home with some friends, L&G to Zumba, I got supplies and packed sales. L&G home and G&I took a minute to build a leprechaun trap ;-)

I headed out to get D from the campout and Gma&paB drove up so GpaB went along for the ride. We got D, dropped some speakers I couldn't sell. Home and D did a quick change and off to his game. The game was ROUGH and they got beat bad. We got J at the end of the game and headed home. D changed quick and I ran him back to the campout. Home and had some pizza and watched the Buckeyes squeak out a victory in basketball. Gma&paB took off, little boys cleaned up and we watched an old movie as L&I drifted in and out of consciousness... Boys to bed and we tried to watched some more TV... sleep.