20130303 - Cooks

20130303 - Up in the am to a quiet house. We headed out an went to a couple sporting good stores to get pants for me and gloves for D. L&D dropped G&I off at home and they went to the grocery. J called, he is having fun with his friend. G&I did an experiment and made some shamrocks and mustaches out of chocolate, he was popping the chocolates in his mouth faster then I could melt them...

We also hung out our maple syrup buckets and made a 'Git Better Soon' card for Priscilla across the street who went to the hospital yesterday with a heart attack :-o
D&L home and D&I back out to gather sap for a friend, but it was all frozen. Home and D had to make dinner for a school assignment, so he cooked the rest of the afternoon while L helped him, G played Xbox and I listed some consignment items on ebay. D's dinner was great! He made us chicken parmesan, beer bread and an apple pie all from scratch. After dinner we went down to watch 'The Bible'.