20130323 - Dylan Sawyer

20130323 - Up in am and I took the boys to the church where L was working the pancake breakfast. Here u can see a pancake mid air being flipped to G's plate. He caught both and so did D&J.  After bfast we headed to a couple stores to get baseball supplies. Home and D wanted to play but we had spring chores to do. J cleaned everything out of the shed, L picked up Lilly's poo, G played with a buddy that came over, D got a couple of his friends from the school playground to help him trim the ornamental grasses while I trimmed the grapes.


J had a buddy come over an the boys had a airsoft war while I put things back in the shed. I rounded the boys up to fix the basketball hoop.  The boys finished the night playing basketball until it was too dark to see the ball.