20130315 + Possibilities

20130315 + Up in the am and at the desk. Getting things lined up for the end of the month and a busy weekend. L home, bummed, it doesn't look like she will get her own classroom next year :-( I had further discussions with a potential full time employer and we are going to give it a go. Now just need paperwork to make it official... I also received an email from a company wanting to know how to get their products on my www.OhioOrigins.com site!
Boys home from school. D&I took a buddy of mine to the airport. Then we went and picked up the baseball team jerseys, they are cool. Home and changed for practice, we woke G up and gave him his jersey that has WINGER and BB for the number, he was in heaven. Off to practice and it was a wet but good one. We wore-out the boys and G stayed right in there with them. Home and got J for his test runs at the pinewood track, his car looks and runs great! L got D to Scouts so he could camp out tonight. J&I got some food and headed home to eat. A friend stopped over to use a saw and chat a bit. All boys to bed, watched some basketball.