20120422 + Fridgid Recovery

20120422 + Up most of the night COLD and checking on boys. Then up early with the noise of the camp and had breakfast. J&G were frozen and did not want to go on any hikes or do anything but 'GO HOME'! So we packed up and headed out. We did stop for hot chocolate :-) Home and L&D home soo, D was frozen too. We all took HOT showers and DJ&I recovered quietly in the living room in and in and out of conscientiousness... G took a nap on the way home so he was up and out playing with the neighbor kid while L mowed the yard and cleaned up the camping gear (Oh how I love her :-) Once I got mobilized I finished cleaning up the camping stuff and helped D with some homework. We ate and then relaxed in our nice warm house until bed time. I'm up getting things ready for a trip to Boston starting tomorrow.