20120414 - Maple Syrup Day at the Farm

20120414 - Up at the crack of dawn, but the boys already up. Roger had the fire going an we all met up at the boiling pot of sap. The rain sputtered and stopped and came back harder and then ceased, this would happen throughout the day. Soon those brave enough to see the fond memories that would be made today through the rain started showing up an the Farm was filled with the steam of the sap, the smoke of the fire, laughter of children and stories of 'when we were kids'... The French toast was cooked and syrup slurped in the morning hours and then a grand lunch made from loving hands from all over. Friends old and new chatted and explored the Farmhouse, the Barn an woods. The young folks took some time to plant some red oak saplings that they can show their grandchildren when they come back. The Boy Scouts led a 5 mile hike that ended up at Camp Mowana where a hay wagon full met the hikers for a trek to the falls. All back to the farm and the syrup done. Another successful year surrounded by the people we love.

No matter where you travel from.
When you get to the Farm, 
you know you're home.

Thanks to all who helped prepare, those who came to share, those that came to play.  
Because of all of you, it was a wonderful day.  
See you next year!

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As the visitors left we cleaned up and made our way up to Gma&paW's house where we a got cleaned up and collapsed. What a wonderful day.