20120412 - Double Team

20120412 - Up, working. The Dr. called, G's blood is good, J's finger is broken... Ray over for help with his Eagle Scouts project. All boys home, dinner, D can't eat applesauce, it feels funny in his mouth... L to Zumba, D to baseball, JG&I packing the car, checked on D and got cleaned up. All boys home and up for a good fight. The little ones against the big :-) Up late getting things done.

20120411 - Up at desk all day.  Lilly was chasing the bird around...  L had a meeting today and then picked J up from school and tool J&G to the Dr. for a check up.  D home with me and got most of his homework done.  All had dinner, L off to Zumba, The boys and I got their iDevices cleaned up and added their favorite songs.