20120416 + CA Friends

20120416 + Worked all am to get things tied off.  Lee and Lori here from CA for a visit and to meet my family they have heard much about through our years of working together.  I gave them a tour of the house and then L&G got home.  We all went to lunch at Creekside and then walked around.  We returned home to meet up with J and then out for a long awaited kickball game between Lee and G.  It was a good game and all had a good time.  Soon D was home and too excited about setting up the iPad he won at school to socialize much.  Soon Lee and Lori had to get back on the road, too short of a visit but oh so nice to see them again.  Homework got done, we rested up a bit and then rode our bikes to get dinner.  Not enough time to eat at home, D&I off to Scouts and then home for a quick stop before out the door to Bible bangers.