20111006 - FINALLY!!!!

20111006 - Up to see how this new day will be. I talked to lots of people today, all with uplifting messages and words. I spoke to Lee and miss him already. Such a close friend and decade of life together we have shared, and will continue. I tried to wrap my head around the new in rush of work that I am not familiar with and a bit overwhelmed by the emotion of it all.
At the end of the day I ate with LJ&G and then headed back to D's baseball game. Something was different, the boys were charged, energized, focused and playing as one team. Everyone hitting, catching, making the plays. Forth inning in the lead, and no error. Fifth inning, still in the lead, no errors. Ok now bottom of the sixth, is this the inning we have had in every game? Not tonight. The boys circled and cheered and 1, 2, 3 OUTS, THAT'S THE GAME!!!!

The first win this season to stay in the tournament. We took the boys to DQ and they lived it up. Smiles we've wanted to see all season. Way to go Yankees!