20111016 - G5 Summit

20111016 -Up and out on errands with my big 5yr old!  We hit Dick's Sporting Goods and Kroger for some last minute supplies.  Then home to set up the pinata, L had everything else done and it looks great.

Pretty soon kids starting showing up and it got NOISY!!!  J got home from camping and D from the Farm and the party got into full swing.

We had games, pin the ball on the soccer field, dribble and kick, a craft and of course on of L's famous cakes and presents. 

Everyone had a good time and G got WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!!!!

After the kids left we opened G's presents and had plastic toys all over the living room!  We took a break to G's choice, Steak and shake, for dinner.
!!!Happy 5th Birthday Big G!!!  
!!!We Love you!!!
Home again and played some more with the toys.  Then All boys to bed and getting ready for the week...