20111022 - BSA game Day

20111022 - Up and out into the 35 degree fog with G for his last soccer game. He did great, got 3 goals and tons of assists. We got home and hung out a bit. L headed to the grocery and the joys and I hit a buddy's garage sale and Blockbuster. Home and Did our Fall Fire Drill.

We had lunch, I cleaned out some more of the black car and then Game Day commenced...

First was G's choice and we played kickball (of course...) Boys vs parents. They won 15 to 7

Second was J's choice and we played flag football. Teams were D&J vs LG&I. It was a tough rough game, but ended in a tie, 21 to 21.

Third was D and he wanted to play baseball, but there are not enough of us so we just played catch for a bit.

All in for some homework and rest. Then it was my turn. I loaded them all up and we headed to the bowling alley for pizza and pins. L was the big winner of the night with a top score of 110!

Home for quick refresh and then Pettit's are coming over tonight to watch a football game and play Risk.