20111023 - Clouds and Sun

20111023 - Up and all to church with some turbulence. Church was ok, but after, the strain cracked... All boys in separate areas... When the clouds parted, homework got done, things were put away and once complete, some fun happened. I played the Wii with G, helped D finish his book report, L&J took Lilly on a walk and G got a nap in. I helped Doc with his gutters and Joe move an old stove off his back porch and then finished up with an extra coat of sealer on the patch at the end of the drive. D&J actually played very nice while I worked...??? Back in and watched some TV until we had to drop D off at youth group and JG&I tried the new McDonald's. L out to eat with the girls tonight. Back home and we had a Wii party and a great time!!! :-) I ran and got D, leaving J&G on the Wii (only took 9 min...). Home and we watched the World Series and all played on our iDevices. All to bed with no resistance...??? Down watching TV and cleaning up my iPad/iPhone.