20110206 + Fever Sunday

20110206 - Up and only L&D to church. JG&I stayed home, they r both sick :-S L&D home and we hung out all day. I got caught up on the blog and some things around the house and packed. J started feeling better and went out to play in the frozen sandbox. We stayed up and watched the Superbowl and Glee.

20110205 + J no basketball, home sick with real bad cough.  D over to Seth's to play.  G had a friend over, who happened to have a 7yr old sister with her...  so J&G played with some girls.  L talked to the mom for hours, I caught on blog.  All home, all guests gone, dinner and D&I out to his basketball game.  They got skunked again.  We tried to stop for a cup of coffee, but the place was closed.  Home watched some TV with the boys, all to bed.

20110204 - Up, G home sick, worked and watched him, calls most of the time, he did good.  Boys home from school, had friends over VerY LOUD!!!!  Finished up the day, out for pizza, L got groceries.  Home boys clnd up, watched some A-Team, bed.

20110203 - Up, exhausted from staying up doing taxes...  At desk all day, even had a call after 5 as L&J went back to the school for parent teacher conferences.  Out of the office, basketball experiment w/ D then getting dinner together (brats on the grill :-).  After dinner took D to scouts, got gas and took back a movie.

20110202 - Boys home from school, L to Dr.  All home for dinner and fried pickles.  J not feeling well.  We all hung out and watched 'Secretariat' and a bit of American Idol.  I then stayed up LATE and worked on taxes :-(