20110226 - House Shopping :-)

20110226 - Up, Jeff picked up D&I and we went to look at an investment property. Home, gathered all boys and to J's basketball game; he got 2 buckets.  Got L's prescription, fixed Jeff's sink, got a pizza.  Home and relaxed / hung out a bit.  The boys & I to Easton. Got an Apple TV for Arno. LEGO store and the boys each bought something with their own $. We stopped in to Nordstrom's and chatted with our cousin Lucia. Stopped and got hot chocolate and a 40 pack of 'Tim Bits' doughnut holes for dinner. Home and all LEGOs assembled, doughnuts eaten. Back out for D's basketball game. It was a good game but they still lost. Home and watched 'RED', all boys to bed, watched 'Sideways' w/ L.