20110225 + Short work

20110225 - Up and at the desk all day long. Things not so fantastic work-wise, even for the short week it was... L home not feeling well. I took all the boys out to get movies and dinner. Home, ate, watched 'Mastermind'. All to bed pretty early.

20110224 - Up very busy day at work, strange things going on...  G had soccer today after school.  D sent to his room, missed dinner...  Dinner then G&I went out and registered D for spring baseball, got gas and candy.  Home played UNO attack with LJ&G. D still in his room...  Watched 'American Idol' and 'Grays Anatomy'.

20110223 + back to work :-(  stressful day, late calls.  Boys home, nice dinner.  D to basketball, JG&I played chess and checkers and watched 'American Idol'.