20110217 + Biz e days

20110217 - DAY OFF!!!!!  :-) And what made today even cooler was I got to go to Biztown with D and all his 5th grade classmates.  I got to help the kids run a business and it was really cool. They all had separate jobs and list of things they had to get done in a day.  They elected a Mayor (Seth) and got to deposit money and write checks.  I got to eat lunch with D and it was a really cool event and a good break.
G had soccer today, L got her carpets cleaned.  DJ&I hit the bank and the Apple store.  D strenght & Agility training tonight.  J&I designed his pinewood derby car.  I played the Wii with J&G and Watched American Idol, Gray's Anatomy. TIRED.

20110216 + Work stressful again today...  Ate, took D&2 of his friends to basketball practice and worked in the car.