20110117 - J Sick & Radio Scouts

20110117 - Jack still sick...  all boys home today, D did go to a friends for a bit.  We had dinner and a Nerf war.  I had to take my Scout Den to the Radio Station so D went with me and we picked up J's friend to go.  It was really cool and the Scouts got to say the Pledge of Allegiance for the station to air 2/7.  Home, checked on everyone and got the boys to bed.  Then out to Bible Bangers and my cousin Jennifer was there to get some ideas for a group she is trying to start.  Home and up late planning for future Scout meetings.

20110116 - Up and Jack is sick.  L ran him to Children's hospital ER, where they checked him out and gave him some IV antibiotics :-S  DG&I hung out at home and D practiced basketball in the Garage.  We had not heard from L&J so we headed to lunch at Big Boy and got some groceries.  Home and L&J home shortly after.  J camped out on the couch and we took it easy rest of day for J,watching movies.