20110105 - 1st BOS 4 11

20010105 - Up and saw the boys off to school.  Then off to the airport heading to Boston for meetings.  Had an interesting dinner with Richard and Josh and a very loud foul mouthed lady in a booth behind us :-o  Back to the hotel and checked in.  D had basketball practice, J really tired, G just OK.

20110104 - G to school. I had a chat w/ Jeff.  Got gas, a hair cut, lotto tickets and chained to the desk. G home w/ me in the afternoon and L&J to last blood appointment :-)  We had to scramble around and go to the closing of the last miserable rental house we are in default on.  Now if the buyers show up on Friday and do their part the Short Sale will be done :-S   Home, network systems are acting up, working on them until 9:30pm.  We watched OSU in the Sugar bowl, very close ending.  Very good game.

20110103 - Up and boys off to school.  I am working hard to get caught up at work...  Dinner with J&G, L&D finished and got groceries.  J&I to scouts, good time with maps and games.  Home, puzzle with all, boys to bed.  Bible Bangers