20110123 + Fightining at Church :-o

20110123 - Up and all to church.  I got in fight with sunday school class...  There was a question about how do you follow Jesus.  I went to some scripture, RED LETTER scripture none the less and quoted it.  One of the ladies in the group said, well that only applies to those people... HUH?  Are you kidding me... Jesus said 'DO THIS', but it only applies to those people????  Anyway... Home for a quick change and off to Newcomerstown for a visit.  Home boys to bed, MMG meeting of 4 in my card room.

20110122 - Up and L took J to his basketball game, he got 4 buckets!  D&I put patches on our scout uniforms.  We all had lunch, then DJ&I to the Hilliard Gun Show.  We saw all kinds of neat guns! but not what we were looking for.  We did get some knives ;-)   On the way home we stopped at Cousin's Army Surplus downtown and a paintball gun store.  Home for dinner and then game time: backgammon, checkers & chess.  Then down to the basement for some A-Team.

20110121 - Up at desk all day, boys home from school.  D went to a birthday party.  Dinner on the run, D basketball, home showers and chess.  Up working on a new idea...

20110120 + Up very pretty out today, snowing all day.  At desk all day, D&L shoveled driveway.  The Scout meeting got canceled so we all stayed in and played the Wii, had ice cream, and watched American Idol.  Boys to bed and I stayed up and watched a movie.