20110109 - Alarms, Chaos & Mysteries

20110109 - 3:15 AM - CO detector goes off.  I check on everyone, open some windows, check the furnace and water heater, everything looks good.  Reading about CO on the couch...
3:30 AM - CO detector goes off, a different one in another room...  Got the boys up and we all went over to Nicole's.
In the AM I went back to our house to close things down and check things out.  All ok that I can see.  In the afternoon I met Scott S at the house and he had a CO sniffer.  We checked all the vents in every room, the furnace exhaust and water heater.  All ok...???
I went to Home depot, got 1 new CO detector for each floor, CO is heaver than air, they need to be low and the detectors only last about 4 years.  I also got new smoke detectors.  The new smoke detectors are of 2 varieties: 1 = Flash/hot fires, 2 = Smoldering fires. Make sure when you get new smoke detectors that you get ones that DO BOTH.  Over to Nicole's, picked up the troops and headed back home. 
Got the new detectors installed.
The Garage door has now broken...  the cables have come undone on the spring bar and I can not get the door up or down....
DJ&I to Lucia's to try and get her wireless network working.  No use, brought her PC home and it works fine on my network....???
We picked up Chinese on the way home.
Finished putting together a puzzle with L.