100805 - Hard Skating

100805 - Up and another full day at the desk. It was a pretty stressful day for L&J as they had to go to 2 doctors and J had to give a bunch more blood. His blood is still pretty low and he is being directed to a new department they are starting at Children's Hospital specializing in rare blood disorders. Good news I guess... Jack's other Dr is going to have him evaluated for ADHD... One of my kids have ADHD? You THINK??? It is a wonder all 3 of them aren't medicated... After a nice family dinner I took the boys out for some R&R. We headed out looking for a skatepark. We found one in Westerville but there were 'too many teenagers' so we had to move on. We found on in Reynoldsberg that had some 'teenagers' on it, and I said it is this one or none... So out they went. When you start talking to the 'teenagers' they are quite nice and helpful. D got some good pointers form a guy and was soon going down a steep ramp he had never tried before and was quite pleased with himself. I talked to a boy and he pointed me to 'The Flow Skatepark' in a pretty scary location. It was dark and we pulled up to a warehouse and stepped inside to a world we never knew existed so close to us... This is a 40,000ft warehouse full of ramps and rails and guys doing AMAZING things. We watched with our jaws dropped as guys did flips on bicycles and skateboards. L started calling because it was late so we headed home.
100804 - Well first day back to work. I sat at the desk nearly 9 hours straight! I got through emails and have a plan to get caught up. After a long no motion day and dinner I took D right behind our yard to the school ball fields, all of his games will be there this Fall. D had practice tonight and these bigger boys talk smack to eachother. It is funny and D thinks he will like his team. Home and the boys played in the yard till time for bath and a book then bed. L & I sorted more LEGOs.