100802 - Home Base

100802 - Up and a nice bfast at the hotel. Then on the road to our first exotic destination... this is the grave stone of Dr. Pepper!  Not the guy that invented it, the guy it is named after. He gave the inventor his first job in Rural Retreat VA.

We then drove some back roads to get to a scenic tower on top of Big Walker Mountain so we could see forever...

Yeah, that didn't work out so well...

So back on the road and to a big highway an into WV with blazing speed. We stopped at Pax WV for a trip down memory lane.

About 13 years ago when L&I were moving everything we owned down to Wilmington NC we stopped in Pax to get gas. Well I had a uhaul and was pulling a car, which could not be backed up... So I headed down the road to find a place to turn around. After driving some way and nothing in sight, and being a farm boy, I found a nice field I was sure would work until I got stuck. We had half the town, a tractor and a toe truck helping to get the huge truck and car out of the field. We had a nice lunch there and then drive down the road to try to find the field where I got stuck.

Back on the road and hit a rest stop in WV where we got to stretch and find our last geocache of our vacation.

With the adventure still running through our veins I had one more destination. A huge indian!

Ok, that is it for the adventure. Now everyone just wanted to get our Lilly and got to our 'wreel house'. Well we got Lilly and she was plenty happy to see us. We stopped and picked up a pizza on the way into town for dinner. We ate, got everything put away and jammies on and bed.

A great vacation and good times and adventures I hope we all never forget!