100811 - Playground

100811 - Up and worked all day so out in the evening for some skate park and geocache hunting.  We found a playground and had some running races to burn the energy.

100810 - Worked all day and had dinner.  D mowed the front, then the boys rode on the skate ramp for a bit.  All boys got their showers and off to bed.  Stayed up, Jeff over for some CREI business and then sorted legos watched a movie and laughed.

100809 - Sat at the desk straight through the day.  L took the boys swimming, wish I was there.  All back together for dinner and then D&I off to baseball practice.  Home and we grabbed Doc and headed to the Salvation Army to get supplies for D's upcoming bday party.  Back home, ready for bed and read a couple knight books.  Off to bed and I headed to the Bible Bangers.