100828 - Top Shot D Bday

 100828 - Up and fixed the dryer.  Howdy baseball game and he is still playing only every other inning...  talked to the coach AGAIN... but D is dropping balls...   Home and ready for our Top Shot PARTY!!!  The first event was to pop the other teams balloons with darts.

Then they had to shoot nerf guns over their shoulders using a mirror backwards.
Then we made marshmallow guns and they had to knock the other teams cans off the beams.

This year instead of a pinata we built a device that required the boys to fill a bucket with golf balls.  When the bucket was full enough it would dump out the candy that was in a different bucket suspended between 2 trees.  It worked great!

Then we had to break up plates with slingshots.  I think the parents had more fun then the kids.  They hole party went on for hours into the night with a night time game of hide and seek.  Another GREAT PARTY!!!
 HAPPY B-DAY Howdy!!!

100827 - Worked and then dinner with friends.