081023 - Carving

081023 - This evening we all went to the scouts pumpkin carving event. Both Jack and Dylan participated, Dylan's is the whit one in the photo and Jack's is 4 to the left. Grant tollerated the event, home baths, and bed.
081021 - Had Jack's guitar lessons tonight. Then out to a movie with the Bible bangers Religulous http://www.lionsgate.com/religulous/ . That will make you think.
081020 - After work took the boys to karate. Home got the boys to bed, the trash out and then to Tim Horton's for coffee with the Bible bangers. We ended up back at my house to watch Obession about Islam, http://www.obsessionthemovie.com/, VERY SCARY!
081019 - Cleaned up everything today. The basement water problem and all our stuff, the black car from the camping trip, the shop put back together and trying to get life bak to normal.