081016 - 2 Fingers

081016 - Landed and ready for a B-day, Grant is 2 today! We went out for lunch and to the toy store and had a fun day. We watched a movie at night and G can hold up his fingers and say 'I'm twooo!'. great to be home!

081015 - Up and another fast but productive day at P. Headed to the airport where I got my daily update from L. Dylan's Teacher Conference went well & the fam went to Creepside festival all dressed up & got candy. I jumped on the red eye to make it home for Grant's b-day.

081014 - Fast productive day at P. Called L, she had a bad day w/ the boys, they were out of control. Went to dinner w/ the company team.

081013 - Met up w/ Ahndi from Scotland for bfast & then in to P for a full day. Had dinner w/ the project team.

081012 - Well Dylan was up till 1:30 w/me @ the campout. We were the last ones up & put out the fire. Got up in the am and helped cook bfast for the troop then took a big walk around the property and had a nice talk. Howdy didn't like bfast so we stopped @ Waffle house on the way home.
Once @ home Doc & I cut down the mean neighbors tree that fell during the storm... I spent some time w/ each boy: baseball w/G, Wii w/J. Then packed up and off to San Jose.