081001 - Anniversary

081001 - Up in the morning and tooka cab to work as it was raining. Had a pretty full day. Took a lunch break and the guys conceeded to have Burger King for the American. I checked www.wingercam.com to see if anyone was around yet. There was Lori having her breakfast all by herself so I gave her a call. Dylan was off at school, Jack was wacthing cartoons and Grant was still sleeping and we had a nice chat. Today is our 14th wedding anniversary, and the first time in those 14 years we have not been together on that day. I am so far away, but so lucky to have her.
After work I was picked by Arno and we headed into Almere to meet Niall for dinner. The food was great, but the two Europeans grilled me for two hours about how for the sake of the rest of the world I had to vote for Obama in 5 weeks. The also debated why I would own a gun, drive a big car and anything else they generally could think of that was considered American. But I am use to defending the USA whe I am abroad and it was a stimulating conversation. I was able to ask them how it felt to be unemployed and worth millions of dollars, as yesterday was their last day working for the company they started nearly 20 years ago and had recently sold. Neither seemed too excited and they asked ME to buy dinner! Cheap rich idiots! Hahahaha
We said goodnight and I walked back to the hotel. I called Lori to finish my day.
I love you Lori, wish I was home with you!