081003 - Farewell

081003 - Up and walked in to work, my legs are killing me for all the walking I've been doing. Really fast day, got stuff cleaned up. After work nearly everyone from work went to a bowling alley in Almere. we had some drinks, bowled some games and then had an interesting dinner where u had to grill your own food. The evening included frequent trips outside with the smokers where I tried to defend 'the American way of life' and preach to all the atheists I work with. It was a very good time and nice to see these people who have worked together from all over the world for many years outside of the office. The main event, and reason for the party, was to say goodbye to Atno & Naill, the founders of this once 2 man company. Many toasts were given, the most memorable and honest by Michael who said 'Working with you guys, was like pissing in your trousers, and not telling anybody!' After some dessert people started to fade off until only a small group was left. It was very hard saying goodbye to these guys, they are good friends now. I wish them all the best, and hope our paths will cross again.  Lori called just as we were leaving. She had the natives at the park and was heading to the movie store to get tonights entertainment for them.  I made the short walk to the hotel, thinking of all the good times.