081010 - Whittler

081010 - Up, day off but took a couple quick calls, G & I picked up J from school. Then J,G&I picked up Jeff and we hit Lowes for house supplies then Dick's for camping supplies. We dropped Jeff off and then the boys & I hit McDonalds, Meijer for a couple last camping things. Home and Dylan Glasses! Then I taught Dylan how to use his new pocket knife and he did some whittling on some soap for a scout badge and then his thumb for fun... Loaded up the family and headed out to 'Red Lobster' for dinner where Grant was attacked by a lobster! On the way home we stopped at GFS and got some party supplies. Got home and we played the Wii. I stayed up late doing Coldwater accounting and getting ready for the trip to SJC Sunday.
081009 - Up, another full day getting N in line for next week. After work I headed outside and played w/ boys. L ordered in pizza for dinner. I cleaned the furnace and got it lit for the winter w/ Grants help. Dylan & I headed to Scouts and then to Meijer w/ the Grossels for party and camping supplies. Up late organizing for the next hellish week
081008 - Busy friggin day. I ran the boys to karate and Lori wasn't feeling good so she ran to the Dr. Jack & I went the pharmacy and Taco Bell and didn't get home till late. I stayed up and played the Wii.
081007 - Up early and saw Howdy off to school. Had my 1st call 7am and had a full day. Took the Yukon to get new tires. Walked thru Subway and made a few calls on the way home. Finished up about 4 and played the Wii with big boys. We had some dinner and then Howdy and I walked to get the car. The whole family went to Jack's guitar lesson and the we played kickball and watched a scarry movie. Got the boys to bed and then planned the football party and watched the debate.
081006 - Worked all day then played the Wii with Jack & D. We ate fast and then went to Jack's soccer game. Home, baths, played a math game with D and animals in a muffin tray w/ G. I read a book to all 3 and then got them to bed. Got my week organized and played the Wii.
081005 - Up and L went to church, Grant & I dropped off the big boys a bit later. Everyone home, loaded up and headed to Mansfield. When we stopped to get gas I checked out the tires and we had a really bad worn spot. So we went home, changed cars and headed to the Mowanafest. We met GmaW, took a hayride and petted the animals. Next stop was a farm w/ punpkins and a corn maze. We met GpaW @ Friendly's for dinner, headed back to the farm for a bit and headed home.
081004 - Flew in home about 5pm. Really good to see the fam. All the boys were really happy to see me. Grant had a bruised and scratched up face, he fell out of a tree... Home and got settled in, in time for the OSU @ Wisconsin game.