20240623 - Up not feeling well, so I stayed in the room while LG and Sal went to the early game. I got some pills in me and rested and checked in on the games occasionally. They lost so they came back to the hotel. We got our stuff together, packed up and headed home. G and Sal rode home with Andrew and L&I took our time getting home. Home and Hazel was thrilled to see us. We got unpacked, I threw the ball a hundred times and watched some TV on the back porch. In and watched some of the of the Olympic trials with L. Checked in with D and he said they would be back by 2:30 so I set an alarm and got the boy's cars out of Doc's yard so they could just take off when they got back. Up at 2:30 to check on the boys. They had a good weekend and came in 2nd.