20240615 - Up, replaced 6 more board on the playset and then cleaned up. Riley came over and helped remove the remaining branches from the backyard. Jodi yelled across the fence and need a couple limbs cut, we chatted for a couple min and I got her cutting done. I jumped on the mower and got the backyard done. J ran and got us subs. He trimmed  my neck hairs for me, I ate, shaved my face, showered, loaded things up and headed to Mansfield. Went to Tia's house and get her and headed to Dear Creek Golf Course / Black Dog Tavern to set up. We got things setup, sat on their porch and had a beer waiting for classmates to show up. Super nice place with amazing views. People started showing up right at 6. We had a good sized group, I'd say 60 show up. It was a good time and good to catch up with folks. Party over, cleaned up, and I headed home. Home and J&Hazel in the kitchen. Stayed up a bit putting things away before heading to bed.