20240604 - Up late and to the desk. Got done what i needed to, having all sorts of phone and network issues today. Took hazel on a walk and then headed to Reynoldsburg to meet with insurance agent for a couple of hours to review all of my policies and see how to reduce costs and extend life ins... way too expensive. After the meeting I swung by the auction house and picked up my stuff Gary had been holding for me and chatted a bit. On the way home I swung by the baseball field and got my camera out of the concession stand and chatted with Coach Shade about the building plans. Home and Gma&paW were there dropping off a car for D to drive. We chatt3ed for a bit then ran up to the new Sexton's Burger place to try it out, pretty good! We got the car filled with gas and then headed home. Gma&paW left and hazel and I moved all the cars around. In and watched the news and a movie with L.