20240601 - Wrong Bottom

20240601 - Up in the am and L working in the yard while I finished cleaning my office. I then headed out to the garage and took L's seat out and started replacing the cover, but wait... it is the right color, but not the right seat pattern... So I put the old cover back on and reinstalled the seat. I took my car and returned the seat cover to the car place, they will order me a new one. My car started kind of hard when leaving there. Headed to BP to fuel up and get some beer. Went out to start the car and it was dead... L&G cam up with some of those jumper things, they didn't work... Got jumper cables to L's car and after a bit it started. Headed to O'Riley's to get the battery tested. The guys said my battery is fine, it is my starter that is going out... Not happy with that diagnosis I headed across the street to AutoZone and had them test the battery. They reported that the battery, starter, everything was ok... So I have no idea what is wrong. I fired it back up and headed to the car wash. Got the car washed and dried and got my girl in to the garage. I spent the rest of the day working on a spreadsheet of colleges and baseball teams for G. In and L&I watched 'The Gift', good movie. Headed to bed and did my Bible Banger reading.