20200118 - ER Visit

20200118 - G woke me up in the am to make sure I took my pills on time and he made me a waffle for bfast. Tom ran G to a baseball clinic that was going on at the high school. I hung out around the house and got some things done. J home from his friends and G home from the clinic. We hung out most of the afternoon. J ran G to basketball and then went to work, D came home and hung out with me. D ran and picked G up from practice and the g got ready to go to Owen's for the night. During the packing process G got upset about D using a screen and was throwing a fit. As I got involved I could feel myself getting upset, I was already upset that J had to work and was not going to poker with me, this triggered my heart to go out of rhythm. I quietly played solitaire for several hour trying to get heart to relax and go back into rhythm. It was better but not back to normal when I left to go play cards. I stopped at gas station got a protein bar and a cappuccino and then got on the highway. As I ate the protein bar and drank the coffee I could feel myself getting more anxious and thing getting more out of sync. By the time I got to Reynoldsburg exit on 70 I was light headed and feet and hands were going numb. I put the windows down for fresh cold air to help keep me alert and made it to the Etna exit where I pulled into a McDonald’s and gas station combo. I went in and got myself a cup of coffee. Sat down and when I sat down things got worse so went to bathroom, a lot of urges to pee during the whole event. Called D and told him I may need him to pick me up. Walked around outside, not getting better. Texted D and sent him my location and to come get me. Went in and walked around the inside of the gas station becoming more dizzy and shaky. Told the guy there I might need his help. We chatted for a min and I started shaking more. I told him to call the squad. He talked to the squad forever and told me they said no coffee. Put that down and then paced a bit, and then waited for the ambulance that seemed to take forever to get there. Called D and told him not to come I was getting a squad and would contact him later to let him know where I was. Waited… Ambulance arrived, I climbed in, they did some tests, D showed up. Ambulance took me to Mt. Carmel East to a room in the ER and they got me hooked up to stuff. D had called L so she was a mess and called folks. Bill showed up and D shortly after. They gave me some drugs that dropped my heart rates form 160s to 90-100. They did other stuff and I sat. J showed up with Bryce and they were going to go get my car. I was uneasy with that so sent D&J to get it. Everyone left and I tried to relax and get my heart back in rhythm. Eventually they took me to an observation area where they drew lots of blood. I feel asleep.