20200107 - Delicacy

20200107 - Up in the am and in to work. Took me a half an hour to get to my desk and then did an all morning training session. Back at the desk for the remainder of the day. Headed out a bit early and spent an hour and a half with my insurance agent looking at policies before I hit 50... Headed to Gahanna and to City Hall for a Civil Service Board meeting. It was a good meeting and got to congratulate both the new Mayor and City Attorney. Home and had some cereal. D upstairs and J downstairs, didn't see either of them... L home from G's game, G's team won 67-7. L&I got caught up on the day and then I ran to pick G up. Home and finished out the night. I shared one of my haystacks from aunt Mary with L, a very treasured delicacy