20200111 + J Hoops It Up

20200111 + Up in the am and L ran G to basketball practice. I ran to the high school to help with the baseball clinic online checkins. Home and did a couple things at the desk and then L&I went to the high school to watch J and some of his friends play basketball in the Gahannathon ,a charity event. It was a hoot, J and his friends weren't that good but put on a good show against the girls soccer team. The announcers were hilarious, ie. J took a shoot and it was an air ball and the kid said 'Jack shoot and.... it hits nothing!'. G showed up about halfway through the game. J's team lost but they had a lot of fun. Home and did some things around the house. J to work, LG&I to Cane's for dinner and then to see Knives Out movie, it was really good. Home and J was home. J&G played Xbox until late