20191102 - D Repairs

20191102 - Up early and D&I took G to practice and dropped him off. D&I went on to Home Depot and got some supplies for some projects around the house. It was a nightmare because we were in the electrical section and had two guys helping us that weren't sure what planet they were on or what hot and neutral mean... On top of that Home Depot was hosting a kid workshop and it was right next to the electrical section and they were pounding on something like a jackhammer in a tin bucket... We got out of there with not everything we needed so we headed to Lowe's and finished our list. Home and J was posting some things on ebay, I printed out flyers to take to G's parent meeting. L&I headed to G's parent meeting. It was one of the better meetings I have been to and I think this experience will be very good for him. After the meeting we got home and I did some things on the PC and J went to State Cross Country meet with a friends, said it was super cool. L drove D's car and said it was going to blow up so D&I took a drive and got some power steering fluid that fixed the problem. Home and D fixed L's cabinet she attempted to fix... We watched some football and soon the McClains came over. Bill and Tiff told us all about their experience in Florida with his Mother passing and all the crazy things that happened. We got some pizzas and watched some football until late.