20191103 + Tree Planters

20191103 - Up in the am and LG&I to church, J still at his friends and D sleeping. Church was odd, a kid I had in Scouts keeps popping up, not sure how to deal with that... Home and L cooked some eggs. I headed into the office and got some things done. J home and got cleaned up. I cleaned out the baseball stuff that didn't sell to donate and J shopped ebay stuff. D&G played catch in the backyard and then the boys 'helped' plant the Buckeye tree I got L for our anniversary. D took off back to school, I did a couple other things outside and L ran some errands with Sue the neighbor. J&G headed upstairs and that was the last I saw of them. I got the garage cleaned up, fixed the speaker, finished the hutch and did a couple other little jobs. L home, boys down to eat and we watched some TV. Walking Dead guys showed up and we watched our show. To bed not too late.