20170128 - Moonshine Jack

20170128 - UP in the am and L to Zumba, D into work, JG&I hanging out. Penn stopped by to return a PC thing and chat a bit.  Then J&I headed out to his soccer game, we picked up one of this teammates on the way. It was a good game and they won! J almost got a goal, but was 1/2 inch above the net. Headed to G's basketball game, dropped off J's teammate, got to the game and watched G the spaz score a couple baskets, they won. Home and relaxed a bit getting some things done. D went straight from Work to the baseball clinics at the high school. i ran G up to the clinics and then home to get J. J&I headed to Hebron OH for an annual poker game. We play Texas-Hold'em and a new interesting horse race dice game once you're knocked out of the Hold'em. We had awesome dear steaks and J also had some apple cinnamon moonshine; we told him to just take a sip, but he liked it and chugged a bunch :-o so now J said he wants to learn to hunt dear... guessing he wants to learn to make moonshine too... It was a good night for us. I won the first round, J was first out that round. Then J&I ended up at the final table in the second round. This is pretty amazing seeing that J had to beat 10 adult men to make it to the final table. He finally got knocked out and I cleaned up and won the second round as well. We headed home our pockets full of cash and quarters and hit bed about 1:30am. I stayed up and got some emails cleaned out.