20170114 + Lacrosse Maker

20170114 + Up in the am and messing around then LJG&I headed to J's soccer game where he ran his but off and fell hard a couple of times. They lost, but my boy was playing hard. We headed home and ran a few errands in the new car. Home, D at baseball conditioning and I settled in at the desk to get some things done. Took a break and ran G to the same clinic D was at, D is working it and was G's group leader. I headed home and did some programming in the car to get the seat set up , phone, garage door opener. In and helped J get some tools out so he can make another lacrosse stick. At the desk a lot of the afternoon. L baked a cake and started dinner, D&G home, D off to DGF7's, J cleaning up the garage, G got a shower. We had pizza and watched an old funny movie 'Blue Streak' with J&G. J&G to bed, D home and we watched 'Bad Words' with him. Up late getting things organized.