20170115 - First Day on the Job

20170115 - Up in the am and all to church. We had to duck out a bit early to get D home so he could go to his new job. L doing house work, J&G took down the Christmas lights over the garage and I settled into the office and got a bunch of paperwork done. Then LJG&I headed to W.G. Grinders to see D in action at his new job. The lady he is working for was best friend with the lady L taught with last year; small world. D's friend Drew works there too and they got our food ready for us and it was good. J&G really liked watching D behind the counter. The lady said he was a nice boy. We finished our meal and headed home. J helped me take the last string of Christmas light down out of the front tree, clean out the VW and get he new Hyundai set up. D home, he likes the new job. I finished up some paperwork and then hung out a bit before running to G's baseball practice. Took G to practice. I hung out in the lounge and got a ton of work done. After practice I ran G to spend the night with his buddy Brady and hung out there for a bit. Home and LD&J there. I grabbed some food and we hung out watching TV for a bit. Up LATE building a system to make things better at work.