20170121 - Sports and Fujiyama

20170121 - To G's basketball game with LJ&G. They weren't doing too good when J&I had to leave. G was not happy and playing his butt off... J&I headed to J's soccer game and met Gma&paW there. It is a fast paced game and J was running his butt off. They won 4-3! After the game we rushed back to G's second game so Gma&paW could see some of it. We got there just as it ended... I headed to Dave's warehouse to pick up more stuff to sell on ebay. Home in time to pick up G&GmaW to take G to his baseball clinic where D was working. Home and J&GpaW made a trip to the bike store to get a new inner-tube and then home to attempt to fix his flat. Eventually everyone home and LDJG, DGF7 & Gma&paW headed to Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse for a great meal. Home and watched the Accountant. All to bed, up VERY late