20161218 - What's Cookin'

20161218 - Up late, no church, L not feeling well. D doing homework and G&I delivered J to his bday party at a go-kart place. We then headed to the Goodwill, Home Depot, Family Video and Kroger to get our ingredients for dinner. We picked up a couple sandwich at Wendy's and headed home with enough time for me to drop off G and the food, except mine, and get back on the road to pick up J. J&I headed home and stoppe at the post office to drop off some packages. Home and D still doing homework... J&G then got all dressed up and headed to the church's youth group dinner. G&I then started cooking. On tonight's menu, bacon wrapped chicken with potato u gratin stacks. It was super yummy and not too messy. After dinner G&I headed to the basement where he played the Xbox for a bit. D&J home, D listing things on ebay. All boys to bed, L watching the Sound of Music and I submitted the paperwork to trade in the 2014 VW Passat. Off to bed wrapping things up for my first day at the new job tomorrow.