20161214 - Smellin G

20161214 - Up in the am and in to work. Had morning staff meetings, a lot of good content. Making final calls and wrapping things up. Got a call from a neighbor that D was home for lunch with only his girlfriend today... Finished up the day and headed home. Had dinner with LJ&G. D finally home, talked to him about taking his girlfriend out of school (against the rules), bringing his girlfriend to our hose with no one here (against the rules) took his phone for a week... G&I out to return a movie and go to his batting practice in Reynoldsburg. He didn't do very good, trying to hard. In the car I got to talk to him about his stinking armpits and places where hair will start to grow; he wanted nothing to do with that conversation... So on the way home we stopped at Kroger and smelled all 483 different types of deodorant until he narrowed it down to 2, then he picked his favorite :-) Home and Gma&paB are here for a couple of nights to play Santa at L's school. D up doing homework, found out later that he was using Twitter to message with people so disabled that account :-s