20151215 - Proper Send Off

20151215 - Up in the am, it is 7 degrees out :-o I got ready and dropped J off at the bus stop. On to work, about half way to work L texted me and told me I forgot my secret Santa gift: cashews... So I stopped at the gas station: small bags of cashews, Dollar General: small bags of cashews, Kroger: gottem. Only added 40 minutes to my morning... In for a couple of meetings and some folks stopped by my office to say goodbye. The team had arranged a luncheon for me where we all got to sit down at one last meal together. We spoke of some our favorite and craziest times together, a lot of fun. After lunch I headed out to the shop floor and said goodbye to every single person in the building. Many nice things were said to me, many special people, many hugs and many tears from them and I. Back into my office to do a final close down of things. Day over, Job done, Goodbye DecisionOne.

Headed out to my car and found that some of the staff were not so happy I was leaving and wanted to prolong it with some shrink wrap :-) I finally got in the car and headed to Massey's Pizza where we had a couple drinks, shared some more memories and said our final goodbyes.

Home and unloaded the car, helped D ship some things, D&I ran to pick up G from basketball practice, we were 10 min late, dropped G off at home with J&GpaB. D&I on to USPS and Dave's warehouse to get more stuff to sell. Then another failed attempt at Costco... Headed home, had a nice chat in the car with D while driving around about rules, and growing up and lessons learned... Home and chilled out until time for bed. A very long emotional and satisfying day for me.