20161204 - Omelette Chef

20161204 - Up in the am and LD&G to church. J&I hung back at the house as he is still not 100% He made omelettes for him and I. Then we hung out and watched alien documentaries until everyone else got home. D cooked us lunch and then we all split up to get things done. L&D headed out to get a model for his WWII class, J did some reading, G played and I got some things done at the desk. D built his model, shipped some things and then took G outside to play some football, J to the basement for xbox. D headed over to DGF7 and J&I ran to Wendy's to get dinner. LGJ&I played some rummy with Christmas shows on and Penn stopped over to get his PC and give an update on his daughter and her surgery, all good. Chris over and we headed to the basement to watch The Walking Dead. D joined us late.