20150627 - Seeing the Sites

20150627 - Up in the am with the news that all games for the weekend have been cancelled... :-(  Not wanting the trip to be a total loss I got out the trusty iPhone and RoadsideAmerica.com and we found us some sites to see!  We had D's friend Drew with us and we went all over Indiana looking stopping and looking at cool things.  It took us about 9 hours to make the 3 hour trip home, but it was FUN!!!
We saw what a group of teenage boys can do to a hotel room, the World's Largest praying mantis, an old style toy store full of cool things.  A gas station made of recycled materials, the WOrld's Largest sycamore stump, the World's Largest Steer 'Old Ben', The World's Largest Holstein Cow, the World's Largest candle, a giant flag and one of the Madonna of the Highway statues.  WHAT A DAY!!!