20140927 + Nurse

20140927 + Up in the morning and facing some logistical issues with 3 boys vs 2 adults and 1 of the 3 boys being sick needing to stay home.  L took J&G to J's soccer game while I took D to the baseball fields so D could ump a game and I could coach G's team without G being there.  We narrowly lost against the #2 team in our league and are now in the losers bracket.  D disappeared and I walked all over the park looking for D, when I found him I took him home, he changed fast and L took him right back to the ballfield for his game while I stayed home with J&G.  I ran J to a bday party for his buddy Conor and then back home to hangout with sick old G.  D's team lost to the worse team in the league :-o so they have to play tomorrow :-(  I got some work done at the desk and L&D ran and got pizzas.  All down to the basement to watch OSU vs Cincinnati, it was a blow out and I was asleep for the 2nd half.  Watched a little more football and all to bed in good time.